Located at 1295 Kinwest Parkway, the MacArthur Hills senior living and memory care community encourages independence while providing needed assistance. When the professionals at the property contacted our experts to discuss safety and informational signage in Irving TX, we were delighted to assist. After consulting with our client, we created a two-part sign that we installed to a set of gates that limits the property’s access. We placed white lettering on a red backdrop, which greatly enhances the visibility of the message. These signs read “Exit” and “Only,” which adds a safety feature to the property’s overall flow of traffic. How can you follow suit with something similar?

1. Reflective Coatings Heighten After-dark Visibility

Safety and Informational Signage in Irving TXIf a sign is as apropos after dark as it is during daylight hours, we recommend the installation of reflective layers. Doing so makes it possible for motorists to notice the signage. The coating makes the product stand out more, which can be instrumental in avoiding an accident. For example, if you have an entrance gate you lock after dark, be sure that signage with reflective coatings gives instructions for opening it.

2. Standard Fonts and Strong Color Contrasts Boost Legibility

Whether you need to communicate the safety message associated with a property’s exit or you want employees to take notice of informational signs, consider a standard font versus one that is heavy on ornamentation. When our technicians consult with clients, we usually tell them to think along the lines of putting together signage that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rather than a brand message on a storefront’s window graphic.

3. Create a Safety Protocol before Ordering Signs

It has happened before: we create a safety signage suite for a client only to be called back to the property after a few days or a week to learn that someone completely overhauled the protocol and our signs now needed updates. We do not mind doing the work, but you will save yourself a lot of money if you have a stable protocol in place before commissioning the signs. That said, please note that it is possible to put together general signage and put on the finishing touches later.

4. Signs Install in a Variety of Locations – not just on Walls

Our manufacturing business clients have had excellent success with thinking outside the box for their safety signage displays. For example, floor stickers are unique ways of catching the attention of workers moving through corridors and along hallways. These decals reinforce messages of your safety protocol or identify specific zones such as hard hat areas.

5. Resist the Temptation to Have Safety Signage Blend In

Business owners are conditioned to look for ways that signage can blend in with its surroundings. Typically, this practice results in a space with harmonizing elements. But when you are discussing safety markers, standing out is a must!

Do You Need Safety and Informational Signage in Irving, TX?

If you have looked around your property and noticed that there is still room for signage that clarifies safety procedures and informational aspects that first-time guests need to know about, we can help. Contact our business sign experts today to find out more!

Safety and Informational Signage in Irving TX