Charitable Giving

One of the best things in life is to give to those around us through charitable giving. To give of our time, our talent and our joy. When you choose High Value Signs, you are also supporting the charitable giving of our company.

Local Community Giving

We support various local charities often through the donation of a banner for an event or a cause. Do you have a local cause or charity or upcoming charity event? Please contact us about how we can support your cause.


A Better World

We are currently supporting two children through Compassion International. We do this to help children in developing countries stay with their families of origin in their country of origin. We know that no all countries offer the blessings and opportunity that America does. We do want to be part of the solution for a better world. So we do our small part to help:

Perla is 10 years old. She lives in Guatemala with her father and her mother. Her father works as a taxi driver. She loves dolls and paying hide-and-seek. She is in the equivalent of 2nd grade at Rayitos de Esparanza Student Center. In her most recent letter, she tells of learning to clean and to help with other chores, along with her sisters. In school, she learns to read and write and she also learns life skills like hygiene and organization.

Henry is 12 years old and lives in Columbia with his mother. His father is not around. He loves playing soccer and bicycling. He is in the 7th grade at Centro de Desarrollo Integral Nuevas de Gran Gozo. In his most recent letter he tells of his neighborhood with unpaved roads but lots of friendly people. When he grows up, he wants to play professional soccer.