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Of all the possible dimensional displays, channel letters are a favorite of business clients. They stand out, allow for customization, and present your brand message with pizzazz. To help you decide if this product solution is right for you, the experts at High Value Signs have put

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Located at 1359 Medical District Drive, Paw Lofts is a new business in the Dallas area. It is a premier pet hotel, doggie daycare center, and grooming facility for your four-legged friend. As the company was preparing its location for occupancy, the management team reached out to

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You invested in one or more building signs in Dallas TX, to bring in customers, generate brand awareness, and reinforce product knowledge among existing clients. But over the course of the years, the tree that you or the developer planted near your façade grows up. In fact, it

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Located at 1225 East Crosby Road in Building One, Carrollton’s Marfield Corporate Stationery is the go-to expert for the business community’s commercial paper printing needs. The company handles everything from postcards over brochures to stationery. When a storm damaged the business’ sign right above its entryway, the

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Is your company moving? Maybe you are relocating to a larger suite, another building across town, or moving even farther away. If you are the owner, administrative assistant, or office manager who oversees every aspect of the move, you have your hands full. There are countless calls

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Just recently, we put together a non-lit channel letter sign for Gordon Highlander property management professionals. Their client, JFC International, had recently leased a large-size industrial warehouse space in Coppell, TX. We installed the channel letter sign and ensured full compliance with local ordinances and zoning rules.

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All businesses have to comply with city ordinances in Coppell, TX when putting up their building signs. Case in point is JFC International, a cargo and freight company located at 631 Southwestern Boulevard. Having leased the 85,389-square-foot industrial building just recently, the business needed the right signage.

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Coppell is home to a number of distribution facilities. Well-known names include Lucent and now Grocers Supply. When the company moved to the city, it took over an existing structure. To ensure proper branding and wayfinding, the business’ management team contacted our experts to discuss the installation

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Now located at 110 North Colorado Drive, the Celina Police Department recently vacated its old office setting on East Pecan Street. Hill & Wilkerson, the general contractor for the outfitting of the Colorado Drive property, worked with us to facilitate the sign design and installation. The client

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8409 Sterling St., Suite B
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 972-915-6970
Fax: 972-915-2867

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