Located at 3516 Preston Road, the Fidelity National Title Group is an integral player in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Over the course of the years, the company’s building sign had begun to weather. Finally, the business’ management team contacted us to discuss exterior sign repairs in Plano, TX.

Refurbishing a Building Sign

We met with the client and evaluated the sign. This marker’s individual components were in overall excellent shape; they just needed some attention, a few minor repairs, and some paint. Our technicians removed the sign from the building’s wall and brought it to our shop. We handed the project to our restoration specialists, and they began by cleaning the components and making the needed repairs. Then, they returned the dimensional letters and logo style elements to a like-new condition. Finally, we were able to send our installers back out to reinstall the product. Back on the wall, it now looks like a new sign.

Repair, Refurbish, or Replace? Making a Decision that is Financially Sound

We frequently talk with professionals who want to save money on signage and ask us to “work some magic” on what they already have on their properties. As a general rule of thumb, we can repair or refurbish any signage product. There are three things we look for when evaluating a project.

  1. Safety. We will repair or refurbish components that are overall safe for continued use. If electrical tape and wires hold the illumination mechanism together, it is no longer safe but needs to be replaced.
  2. Structural integrity. Your sign’s “bones” should be good. In other words, the bodies of channel letters or the enclosure of a box cabinet should be sound. Products held together by duct tape and staples, or those that fall apart as soon as we touch them, need more than a repair.
  3. Suitability. Is the sign still suitable for your business? If the neighborhood’s overall atmosphere has changed, we urge you to rethink a repair project. Also, if zoning rules have changed, your sign may lose its grandfathered status if we refurbish it.

When repairs or full refurbishing projects do not make financial sense, we recommend a replacement of the signage. If the cost associated with a repair is too high, particularly when compared to the order of a brand-new product, our experts will point it out. Depending on the age of your sign, costs of materials may have fallen while manufacturing techniques now allow for the creation of contemporary products at lower prices than was possible a decade ago.

Scheduling Your Site Survey

The first step to restoring exterior signs in Plano, TX, is the site survey. Contact our sign specialists to visit your location and take a good look at your product. We take an inventory of needed steps to return the product to a like-new condition, provide you with an estimate of the material and labor costs, and present you with an honest assessment of the anticipated useful life left for the marker. Schedule your site survey today to get started on your project!

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