Orangetheory Fitness Motivates Clients with Wall Lettering in Plano TX

If the name Orangetheory Fitness sounds familiar, you most likely remember the work we did for the Southlake, TX, location. Back then, the company needed a customized channel letter sign. Because of franchise brand rules, we worked closely with the business office to get sign design specs and ensure a perfect color match.

This time, the franchise owner of another location contacted our experts to discuss wall lettering in Plano TX. Located at 2208 Dallas Parkway, the gym’s management team wanted to motivate clients with inspirational sayings. Because Orangetheory is a fitness movement rather than just another gym, this personal brand engagement between company and customers is crucial.

We designed the lettering to reflect the workout philosophy of the company. Goal setting, remembering why someone started a fitness routine, and working for the heightened fitness level rather than wishing for it are elemental to the success of everyone working out at the locale. We posted three sayings above the mirror section that clients face. Once again, we paid close attention to the brand standards during the design, manufacturing, and installation of the wall graphics.

Using Vinyl Wall Letters in a Corporate Environment

Connecting with a client or customer is imperative for any business. Because brand engagement takes place on numerous levels, it makes sense to incorporate as many opportunities to address consumers as is possible with your spatial setup. For a gym, the need for open space limits display areas. That said, the walls are an excellent canvas that easily allows for creating an ambiance. In an office, wall space may be more plentiful but restricted to hallways and lobby areas. In the retail environment, clients like to feature shelving along their walls, which calls for careful measurements before committing to the use of the surfaces.

Branding and Marketing with Wall Graphics

Wall Lettering in Plano TXHow do business owners succeed in using wall lettering and graphics to allow for consumer brand engagement?

  • Point of purchase (POP) messages. Encourage the impulse buy with messages that suggest product pairings and underscore savings and satisfaction guarantees.
  • Brand communication. Communicating your brand message takes on a multitude of facets. For a gym, it can be inspirational sayings that highlight the gym’s commitment to being a movement. For a growing business, a list of planned expansions shows the upward mobility of the company and appeals to clients and investors. Spelling out the steps a company takes toward environmentally friendly manufacturing methods is another brand message.
  • Advertising. Display a cross section of your product and use lettering to highlight the bits and pieces that make it different from similar items. Feature your taglines or jingles. Some business owners have had excellent success with the reproduction of customer testimonials as wall text in lobbies and other waiting areas.

How to Buy Wall Lettering in Plano TX

Contact the vinyl graphics experts at High Value Signs & Studio to discuss your ideas for wall graphics and lettering. Our experts work with you to put together a design that encapsulates your message. Whether you need us to meet franchise brand standards, integrate graphics you have on hand, or would like us to create something fresh from scratch, we can help. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

Wall Lettering in Plano TX

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