Located at 5700 Granite Parkway in Suite 960, System Electric is in the business of providing electrical contracting work. The company operates nine branch offices, which serve commercial clients. Examples of their work include solar panel solutions, tenant improvements, and data center setups. When the business added a new Ford F-150 work truck to its fleet, the management team contacted us to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of decals for fleet trucks in Plano TX.

Branding and Marketing with Decals

Decals for Fleet Trucks in Plano TXDuring our client consultation, we learned that the business’ management team prefers clean, simple lines and a minimalist approach to marketing and branding. In response, we created a decal look that spells out the company’s name in the same color presentation as clients would see online. We placed two larger stickers on the driver and passenger side doors of the truck. We put a smaller decal on the truck’s back. There, you also notice the company’s phone number and website address. Once this vehicle is on the road, motorists have an easy time determining the firm’s name, a line of business, and contact information. If they decide to get a truck bed cover from Peragon, we can see about branding that too.

Why Including an Online Component is a Good Idea

Decals for Fleet Trucks in Plano TXThere used to be a time when business clients would request the display of a phone number but not bother with a website address. Since then, consumer behavior has changed. Consumers now research companies online before calling to set up appointments for quotes or visiting stores to make purchases. Not surprisingly, our clients are now getting more serious about adding this information to their vehicle graphics packages. The use of marketing online to ensure that a business appears high in the rankings of search results is also commonplace. Utilizing the services of somewhere like this Digital Marketing Cheshire company could be highly beneficial.

It is interesting to note that you have multiple options open to you when doing so.

  • Website address. Take a page from the playbook of System Electric, and add your website address. You will notice that the company’s online address spells out its name. This setup is an excellent mnemonic device, and we always recommend that new business owners should set up their websites’ names with advertising applications in mind.
  • QR code. If you want to draw attention to a particular web page, you might use a QR (quick response) code. Established business owners create these codes, which look like black squares in a white space, to draw traffic to event-specific or product-centric parts of a website. Consumers use a smartphone app to decipher the code and visit the site. Consider using this technology for pages associated with a new product launch or a trade show appearance.
  • Social media handle. Encouraging online consumer engagement on the social media level is a great idea for the business that focuses on this type of interaction. Since more and more companies now work with staff members or contractors to handle social media engagement of the consumer, this step can increase your online standing, eclipse the social media popularity of a competitor, and drive plenty of foot traffic to your business.

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