When the management team at Tempo Mechanical Services decided to renovate its building, it enlisted the assistance of an architect. When the business needed to install upgraded wayfinding signs in Irving TX, its team contacted the pros at High Value Signs & Studio. After consulting with our client, we based our graphics on the design of the company’s architect. The goal of the signage (in addition to providing wayfinding solutions) was the ability to fit in perfectly with the overall flow of foot traffic around the venue.

Wayfinding Signs in Irving TX One sign is a solid panel displaying the word, “Gathering,” which features an arrow that points down a stairway. We installed this board with hooks from the ceiling because this option provided the most logical approach. Another set of signs identifies two distinct sets of locations: the training rooms and the conference as well as common areas that visitors seek out.

These signs feature a clear acrylic panel design that displays black and white lettering along with black arrows. We installed the products with brushed aluminum standoffs to the wall, which adds a contemporary flair to the products. New employees, trainees, visitors, and anyone else welcomes the opportunity to find their ways around the facility independently without having to ask for directions.

Wayfinding Signs Come in a Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Wayfinding Signs in Irving TX There are plenty of options open to you when selecting products that direct visitors, clients, customers, and investors.

  • Blade signs. Mounted perpendicular to the wall, these markers present their messages overhead. Because you have the option of designing them with arrows pointing to the path of your choosing, you can double the visual impact of the product. Another blade sign installation relies on airplane cables to mount the products to the walls. In these settings, we ensure that each module shows with the same size for a cohesive display.
  • Building directories. Directories are the quintessential directional products. They list occupants of a building as well as their suite numbers. Did you know that this type of setup also works well in an office itself? When mounted next to the entrance door – on either the interior or exterior of the suite – you create an understanding of the space’s setup and help visitors to find their intended contacts.
  • ADA-compliant signage. Because some wayfinding signs must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we recommend the manufacture of cast metal plaques or strong acrylic panels with high-contrast color imprints and raised characters as well as Braille II dots. These products have very specific mounting locations and heights. Since they are legally mandated, we recommend not leaving their displays to chance but rather enlisting the assistance of our experts to ensure compliance.

Does your Business Need Wayfinding Signs in Irving, TX?

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Wayfinding Signs in Irving TX