You find the Wilshire Baptist Church at 4316 Abrams Road. What started in 1951 as a faith community with 55 Christians is today a thriving church that ministers to the faithful of all life stages. Focusing intently on missions work, peripheral matters such as parking lot signage did not get too much attention. Administrators noticed that way finding signs had been in place for nearly two decades. But the locations pointed to had changed. They determined it was time for an upgrade. They called us in to create new, updated exterior wayfinding signs in Dallas, TX.

Enhancing First-time Visitor Experiences at the Facility

Bringing out friends and family members to service is a part of the mission this church believes in. Other guests arrive directly after learning about the church online. Some churches have effective presences online which helps them to attract people to join their congregation as well as make donations to support the church. Something like this app could be a good way of accepting such donations – To enhance their experiences, we worked with the administration to put together wayfinding signage that made arrival at the sanctuary easy. For starters, we learned about the traffic flow patterns and any directions guests would need to move around the facility and its grounds with ease.

Next, we designed post and panel signage that attractively offers directions to guests. A dark brown frame cradles an off-white board that presents instructions for Sunday morning parking for guests and parking locations for all others. At the bottom of the sign, we included the church’s name and logo for branding. This nice-looking sign features an easy to read font that quickly turns a potentially hectic Sunday morning event into a positive experience for those new to the faith or church.

What Does Directional Signage Accomplish?

If the markers are outdated, there is a good chance that your wayfinding products are adding to confusion and frustration. Although post and panel signs are ideal wayfinding products, there are other options, too.

  • Floor graphics. Depending on the size of your parking lot and the messages you need to convey, floor graphics can be the right solution. Bold colors stand out against black or gray surface coverings. They enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists while also highlighting parking spaces set aside for handicapped visitors. Arrows make navigation around multiple buildings a snap.
  • Signposts. Whereas a post and panel setup is usually about three feet tall, a signpost typically has the same measurements as your street signage setup. When there are multiple locations that visitors to your venue may seek out, consider the installation of tall posts with blade signs that also function as arrows. If you already have light posts on your parking lot, it may be possible to commission only the blades.
  • Directories. Outdoor directories are quickly gaining in favor. They present visitors with information about various structures on your property. They offer color-coded destination data. And, make it possible to chart a course for multiple venues. Frequently, these products stand at the main entrances to buildings. At other times, they become the facings of freestanding pylons in the parking lot.

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