Posters are a fun and artistic way to attract attention. They can highlight a special event or key product. Or, share important information with a broad audience. We can do any size project – from one or two posters to thousands. And, get them to where you need them and installed properly. Signage like this that makes the most of your message. It is affordable is a great way to expand your marketing.

Poster Options

Here are just a few of the types of custom posters we can do for you:

  • Advertising products
  • In black and white or color
  • For a concert, game, or festival
  • Educational, motivational, or inspirational
  • HR compliance
  • Special event posters
  • Specialty posters

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by communicating your products and services in a bright, attractive and affordable way. Sharing key information about your event can draw people in and help it be a smashing success.  Let posters do the work for you! They are versatile and lightweight. In addition, they can be mounted on a variety of surfaces quickly and easily. We can print using your print ready art. Or, we can custom design to your specifications. Share your vision with us and we can make it happen!  Call us today for a free consultation on how this marketing tool can benefit you.

High Value Signs & Studio is a full-service sign company serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Hurst, Irving, Coppell, Lewisville, Grapevine, and Flower Mound. We do posters, trade show displays and booths, vehicle wraps and graphics, wall and floor graphics, company logo signs, building signs, monument signs, custom wall coverings, dimensional letters, and much more! We are fully insured, licensed, and bondable. We are a  certified 100% woman-owned business enterprise. Our Texas sign contractor license number is #18778.

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You can use foamboard cut outs as a creative way to add some fun to any event, including as a photo booth prop!
Framing your poster can be a professional way to display your company values or information for employees and customers to see.
Framed prints are an inexpensive way to add a professional touch to anywhere in your office.