Located at 1720 Regal Row #150 in Dallas, Guaranteed Express is your go-to source for domestic logistics and courier services. The business delivers anywhere in the country on time. It credits its success to a unique combination of experience, excellent staffing, cutting-edge technology, and a network of cooperating professionals with the help of trucking companies similar to CSA Transportation. When the company’s management team added a new vehicle to its fleet, it contacted the signage experts at High Value Signs to discuss the addition of brand building fleet truck graphics.

Introducing Consumers to the Brand (one fleet vehicle at a time)

Brand Building Fleet Truck GraphicsAfter meeting with the client, we designed, manufactured, and installed black and blue lettering that spells out “Guaranteed Xpress” with a nod to the company’s logo presentation. In a smaller font, we added black letters that feature the business’ phone number, website address and USDOT and MC numbers. The color contrasts between the blue, black, and yellow paint of the truck is eye-catching and makes it easy to read the information. We placed this information on the truck’s door, where it sits high enough to be read even in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Harnessing the Advantages of Fleet Graphics for Your Business

Is this product worth the money? The company that manufactures the film we use for vehicle graphics and lettering, 3M, has evaluated industry studies about the effectiveness of mobile marketing. The experts found that 97 percent of polled consumers were able to recall an advertisement they had seen on a truck. Ninety-eight percent considered the ad a contributor to the business’ positive image.

Dollar for dollar, it is less expensive to advertise via fleet graphics than it is with other ad mediums. Measured by chunks of 1,000 impressions, it costs $19.70 to reach that many newspaper readers but only $0.48 to reach the same amount of impressions with a fleet graphic. You can even heighten your reach by selecting reflective graphics. As noted by the American Trucking Association, the display of reflective graphics can boost the total number of annual impressions by a respectable 40 percent. If your business is going to be getting graphics done, increasing your potential clientele, you might want to think about getting some software to help you manage your trucking company. Visiting websites like titanwinds.io might be a good idea, to see if their software will be able to benefit your business. If your business increases, you’ll need to find some ways to increase efficiency. Bringing in specialized software might be one way of handling the increase in business from the graphics.

Options for Fleet Truck Graphics

Take a page from the playbook of Guaranteed Express and select a lettering package that shows off your company’s branding. If you like the idea of adding images to your display, we recommend a combination of a graphics and lettering package. Niche-specific images underscore the type of business you are in, which is excellent not just for catching the attention of prospective customers but also for making it clear – at a glance – how you can be of service to the consumer.

The next step up is a partial wrap. We can treat your fleet vehicles with a graphics product that covers 25 percent, 50 percent, or 75 percent of a given truck, car, or van. Doing so allows you to expand on your marketing message and add artistic touches to the presentation. Of course, when you want to go for the gusto, you cannot go wrong with a full wrap, which covers the entirety of your vehicle’s exterior (minus the windows). Communicating your brand message has never been easier.

If we have piqued your interest in ways that vehicle graphics can help build your company’s brand, contact our experts today to learn more.

Brand Building Fleet Truck Graphics