Now located at 110 North Colorado Drive, the Celina Police Department recently vacated its old office setting on East Pecan Street. Hill & Wilkerson, the general contractor for the outfitting of the Colorado Drive property, worked with us to facilitate the sign design and installation. The client selected cast metal dimensional building letters that we painted white. They contrast beautifully with the red brick façade.

Building Signage Options

Dimensional Building LettersThe dimensional letters, which the client chose, are one of many building signage options currently available. Another very popular choice is the display of channel letters. We manufacture these products with aluminum bodies that feature a polycarbonate facing. The business’ color determines the paints we use for the letters. These products make it possible to present signage with illumination that escapes through either the fronts or the backs of the letters. The latter creates the famous halo effect.

Lightbox cabinets are yet another selection many of our clients make. In this setup, we create a metal cabinet in the customer’s preferred shape. Frequently, this box features a rectangular shape but a customized look that mimics a logo or niche-specific image is also possible. The front closes up with a polycarbonate facing. Because cabinet signs allow for the display of additional information that goes beyond a company’s name and logo, it is a favorite of professional outfits that like to feature affiliations, founding dates, mottos, and similar facts.

Why Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional Building LettersWhen clients commission dimensional lettering as a building sign, they usually do so because of the versatility this approach offers.

  • Materials. Take a page from the playbook of the Celina Police Department, and order cast metal letters. This material is sophisticated, long-wearing, and easily moves to another location if needed. Other material options include acrylic and outdoor-rated foam.
  • Mounting options. In the overwhelming majority of cases, we mount the letters flush to the wall. Some clients prefer a display with standoffs, which allows the sun to cast shadows behind the letters for an impressive look. If you have an overhang by your entryway, you might also consider hanging the letters or presenting them standing up.
  • Colors. No matter which material you select, we can paint it in your corporate colors. Our technicians guarantee complete color matches with existing signage. When you like the idea of presenting a selection of geometric or other types of shapes and gradient colors, we can achieve this look with printed vinyl overlays we install on your lettering.

How to Order Dimensional Building Letters in and Around Celina

Dimensional Building LettersContact our graphic artists to learn more about building signage in general and dimensional lettering in particular. Our experts gladly sit down with you to figure out which display would be the best solution for your venue’s facade. We can also work directly with your general contractor or with an advertising firm you have hired for your publicity. Frequently, these professionals create signage blueprints that we can translate into tangible products.

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Dimensional Building Letters