If you could influence shoppers to stop at your store and perhaps become buyers, would you do it? If there was a way to make your customers’ engagement with your brand message more memorable and enjoyable, would you consider it? Interestingly, you could be doing both and making a great first impression with your signs in the process. Here is what you need to know.

Signage Makes Your Business Visible from the Street for a Great Impression

Making a Great First Impression with Your SignsTo encourage an impulse stop, prospective customers need to know that you are there. But unless they can see your company’s information, they will not come in. Building signs are your best solution. Good examples include channel letters, which combine illumination with dimensional displays, and lightbox cabinets. Other alternatives are unlit letters and sign panels. If you have customers approaching a stand-alone building from multiple directions, it may be a good idea to feature more than one building sign.

Clean, Contemporary Signage Gets Attention for all the Right Reasons

Making a Great First Impression with Your SignsIf your sign is old and dilapidated, it does not catch the eye of passersby. A shiny, new sign is much more noticeable. The trick here is to appeal to the aesthetics of your targeted demographic. In the process, you want the good looks of the signage to call to others, too. An excellent example is the use of an A-frame sign that features all the must-know details of a promotion, displays your brand, and is a sure attention-getter. When the frame starts to show some wear, it is time to replace it.

Wayfinding Signs Make Interactions with Your Business Easier

Making a Great First Impression with Your SignsOne of the most stressful situations for a consumer is showing up at your location and not being able to find the main entrance. When s/he does see it, there is no precise information on where to locate an office or occupant. In a store, it is the inability to find the dressing rooms or the customer service desk. Outside, customers frequently encounter frustration because they do not know where your parking lot entrance is.

A frustrated customer is not one who comes back to do business with you again. Make a good impression with clear wayfinding signs that spell out locations, directions, and names. Some of these products must follow the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act with high-contrast colors and 3D images. Other may take on the form of aluminum composite signs with imprinted vinyl overlays.

Lobby Signage Reinforces Your Brand and Welcomes Clients

Making a great first impression with your signs starts on the outside but continues on the inside. Lobby signs, wall art, and wall graphics reinforce your brand message. These signs engage your customers and encapsulate all that your brand is about. At the same time, they counteract feelings of indifference by presenting your words even before a representative meets with your clients.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into making a great impression with signage. At High Value Signs, we routinely work with company owners just like you to add chic and pizzazz to their locations. Our experts serve the business communities in and around Irving and DFW. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Making a Great First Impression with Your Signs