New Church Monument Sign

Redeemer Baptist Church moved into a new space in Plano TX and needed a monument sign. They had asked a few sign companies for a proposal but had not found one that they liked. They contacted us at High Value Signs. We went onsite for an initial, free consultation to speak with the pastor. Together we walked the area where they wanted the sign and discussed their options. The pastor had a picture of the type of sign they wanted and we discussed it. We considered what the City may approve and how the design would fit with the look of the existing building. We looked at various possible locations for placement and discussed the visibility from the passing traffic. Their church is located on a busy street in a commercial / business district. As the church continues to bring in new guests, the visibility and the advertising of their service time was important.

Monument Sign Proposal

We then put our proposal together, which included a price and a proposal for how we would build the sign. We had to make sure that the price was affordable, as most of the church’s money comes from crowdfunding. The pastor worked with the church team and got it approved and they paid a deposit. We then prepared the paperwork needed to get the permit from the City and submitted the permit application. The City approved the design which allowed us to start on production.

The design called for a pair of 7′ tall crosses, one on either side of an aluminum cabinet. And a pair of aluminum composite faces with a vinyl print. We built the aluminum cabinet and had it painted. The cross we made of steel, welded it and finished using auto body techniques. We then built the faces and attached them to the cabinet.

The City required 4 rounds of permitting. The first was a permit for the sign indicating that it met the City ordinances and was going to be allowed. Then we marked the location where the foundation and piers would be for the foundation and called 811 “call before you dig” for all the utilities to mark the area. Then the City approved the location. We then dug the foundation and set the piers. The City then inspected the foundation and it passed inspection. Finally, we set the cabinet on the piers and foundation and secured it. The City then inspected and approved the final sign.

The Results – New Monument Sign

The Church is very happy with the result and has a sign that will last for years.

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