New Open Carry Laws in Texas

On January 1, 2016 Texas joined 40ish other states that allow open carry and require open carry signs. As of this date, any licensed gun holder in Texas can legally carry their handguns in a holster openly.

Business and private property owners in Texas who wish to prohibit carrying are required to post signs giving notice. Sign lettering and wording must adhere to specific requirements related to letter height, color contrast, and font type. And, the signs must be placed in a “conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public.”

New Signs Required

If a business or property owner wants to prohibit both concealed carry and open carry they must post 2 signs – 1 stating that open carry is prohibited and 1 stating that concealed carry is prohibited. The signs must be in both English and Spanish. The statutes provide for very specific language that is to be used in the notices. No guidance is really given for what is “clear and conspicuous” but it appears that using good business judgment and posting them in a reasonably good place is sufficient. Businesses like bars and nightclubs need a different sign called a “51% sign”.

Your expert sign partner, High-Value Signs, can assist you with all the details and ensure that you are compliant.

On June 13, 2015 the Texas Legislature signed a bill to allow concealed handgun permit holders to begin carrying handguns openly. Other states are starting to legislate concealed carry law for campus sites and it seems like venues will be becoming more comfortable with the prospect of carrying arms. But getting a carry license in Texas is not like getting a driver’s license.

License applicants must be at least 21 years of age (or 18 or older if they are active-duty military). Each must pass an FBI background check, a medical review, and be fingerprinted. Applicants agree to be included in a national database. Before being issued a license, applicants must attend a 4-hour class on the rights and responsibilities of carrying a firearm, including non-violent conflict resolution and interactions with law enforcement. Then an applicant must pass a 50-shot timed performance test and a written test of 25 questions. In addition, showing a chronic lack of responsibility can disqualify a person from getting a license to carry. Including things like avoiding paying taxes, dodging child support, or defaulting on government school loans.

Your Business Policy Determines Your Sign Needs

As a commercial property owner or manager, retail store owner, or restaurateur consider what your gun carry policy is. Include it in written form along with your other policies. Then call High-Value Signs at 972-915-6970 for a free consultation and site review and for all your license to carry signs.