Irving is home to Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations. To say that even newcomers to the local business community have to step up their professional presentations is, therefore, an understatement. When you are ready to outfit your office with persuasive signage, this guide to lobby signs for Irving, Texas, gets you started on the right foot.

Identify Your Brand

If you are in the position to operate an office, you are aware of your brand – or are you? For example, what is the shared value that persuades your customers to do business with you? Marketing insiders urge company owners to underscore the values that turn shoppers into buyers. In some cases, it can be something as simple as the search for (and display of) longevity of a firm. (Here is a hint: use metal for your lobby sign.) Our signage specialists work with you to identify the branding aspects that speak to your targeted demographic.

Order Your Lobby Sign First

Reception area signage is the main focal point the client takes in when entering your space. All other sign products should support the look and message that your lobby sign presents. Make a mistake here, and your office’s interior shows off a mishmash of messages that may sometimes be in conflict with one another.

Pick a Display

Do you like dimensional letters? Would you prefer a logo board? The majority of lobby signs divide between these two products. Neither one is better or more suitable than the other. That said, your branding message and your niche do have an influence on the selection. Usually, attorneys prefer dimensional letters while software engineers seem to favor logo boards. Retailers more often than not pick logo boards; service providers like letters. If you are unsure what display option would be right for your particular setting, simply invite our graphic artists to visit your location for a site survey. After taking measurements and factoring in the interior décor of your environment, we can give you fact-based advice.

Choose a Material

  • Metal. Metal impresses. The crisp lines of the material signal your uncompromising attention to details. Brass, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum also underscores the longevity of your business and the anticipation that it will be around for a while longer. If metal is too costly, opt for a laminate instead.
  • Acrylic. When you need a chic, contemporary, slightly avant-garde, or dressy look, you cannot go wrong with acrylic. With depths of up to one inch, three-dimensional displays add pizzazz to any lobby.
  • Foam. Inexpensive but striking, foam has the power to form dramatic presentations. Properly lit with spotlights, it easily creates intriguing shadow play right on your focal wall. With depths of up to three inches, this material offers you plenty of options. We can paint it, cover it with imprinted vinyl overlays to show off gradient color changes, or add metal or acrylic laminates.

Buy a Lobby Sign

Consider this guide to lobby signs for Irving, Texas, as the starting point for your discussions with our specialists. We gladly assist you every step of the way from the initial design all the way to the finished installation. Whether you already have some artwork on file or ideas jotted down on a napkin, or you need us to create a sign from the ground up, we can help. Schedule your design consultation today!

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