Did you know that 34 percent of surveyed shoppers equate the quality of a store sign with the quality of the products sold there? As noted by the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center, 29 percent of shoppers convert into buyers based on information that store signage communicates to them. Having the right building signs in Irving, TX, makes a big difference in the way that the consumer views your company and interacts with it. What are your options?

Channel Letters Present Your Font and Colors

When the way you display your company’s name online or in print is a highly recognizable part of your brand, choosing channel letters makes sense. We usually recommend the installation of lit signage. With this product, opt for front-lit, back-lit, or open-face designs. Energy-efficient LEDs illuminate the signage after dark, which allows the marker to function as a wayfinding beacon for your customers. It is possible to commission unlit channel letters as well.

Box Cabinets Highlight Professional Affiliations

Also available as lit or unlit products, you usually see lightbox cabinets on facades. It is possible to add additional cabinets to monument and pylon signs. The standard display features a rectangular presentation, but you might also commission a customized shape in the form of your logo. Companies present their names and logos on the facings. In some cases, they also add professional affiliations and memberships, mottos, or taglines.

Dimensional Letters Draw Attention to Your Entrance

Choose metal or plastic materials for your dimensional letters. A third option is the budget-friendly selection of foam, which allows for dramatic presentations. Although these letters do not usually offer you built-in illumination, you can still transform them into after-dark beacons by adding façade lighting or aiming landscaping spotlights at your building’s front. If you install the marker underneath an overhang, a built-in spotlight may also suffice.

Plaques and Board Signage Emphasize Your Brand

High-density urethane (HDU) boards, routed or sandblasted, add pizzazz to any façade. Aluminum boards with vinyl overlays or directly imprinted allow for a contemporary look that includes menu board options with a company’s name, logo, motto, and similar advertising. Cast or engraved metal plaques imbue a setting with elegance. These are building signs that are getting more attention now that mixed-zone neighborhoods welcome storefronts and small offices.

Buying Building Signs in Irving, TX

Which signage solution is right for your company? Do you choose what everyone around you has picked out, or do you differentiate yourself with another approach? How big is too big? It takes an expert in the field to answer these and other questions about your signage selection. We suggest contacting our graphic artists for a design consultation to learn more about your options.

We gladly visit your location to take measurements, get information about your brand, and survey the site. This process allows us to advise you about letter heights, the need for illumination, and local rules on marker materials and presentations. Our experts help you to stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. Contact us today to get started on your sign project.

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