Is it possible to connect your brand messages with the use of 3D letter logo lobby signs in Irving, Texas? The answer is a resounding yes. Here is how you do it.

Understand a Lobby Sign’s Function

Sure, it should look great on the wall. But there is more to the presentation of lobby signage than just the aesthetics.

  1. Inform the consumer. Your lobby sign offers information about your company’s approach to doing business. An architect’s lobby sign should be an example of creativity while an accountant’s marker could highlight meticulous details, crisp edges, and an illustration of attention to detail.
  2. Attract sales. Although the sign does not have a direct “buy me” message attached to it, the reception area marker nevertheless attracts consumers who convert from being shoppers into buyers. In some cases, the branding message sent by the signage may even lead to an impulse buy.
  3. Highlight values. For the consumer, who is looking for a detail-oriented business that will handle her or his investment and still be around in a couple of decades, a flat-cut metal letter sign will be more suitable than a prismatic multi-colored acrylic product. Also, with the use of the best lathes we’ve seen the metal work is smoother and done to the highest quality.

Translate Your Brand into a Signage Display

  • Dimensional letters present with a boldness that stands out literally and figuratively. Choose from acrylic, foam, metal or boutique materials such as glass, wood, or granite. Layer materials for excellent results.
  • Augmenting a wall’s appearance. A good example is the sign for United Lending. The brushed metal presents with a three-quarter-inch thickness that is substantial but not dramatic. The light gold color complements the wall’s green hues. This letter logo sign installs directly to the wall.
  • Stand out with lighting. Berkadia selected a reflective silver-colored sign that looks great against the light gray wall backdrop. An overhead-mounted spotlight illuminates the signage from above, which creates some shadow play. The resulting appearance is professional, attractive, and perfectly brands the setting.
  • Multiple depths create visual appeal. Friedman Real Estate decided to place its lobby sign into a small alcove-like wall indentation. Installed against a red background, the logo shows as a 3D brushed aluminum image whereas the company’s name displays in black letters that feature a reduced depth. This combination of dimensional displays heightens the branding impression.

Incorporate Boards

Of course, you do not have to choose lettering that goes directly onto your wall. Instead, why not choose an acrylic board as the substrate that holds your dimensional letters? Transparent acrylic is a common choice that is ideal for the display of acrylic or PVC dimensional letters. If you are toying with the idea of introducing illumination to heighten the 3D effect, we suggest the selection of a metal panel that hides LEDs. With push-through acrylic letters, you get all the style elements of a 3D sign – and more.

We hope to have inspired you to consider 3D letter logo lobby signs in Irving, Texas when replacing your marker or outfitting your office. Contact our graphic artists for assistance today to learn more about your options and find out how a three-dimensional marker can transform the atmosphere of your lobby.

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