Located at 1025 Post & Paddock Street, the friendly folks at Hello Fresh contacted us to discuss custom building signs in Grand Prairie, TX. You may already know about the company that enlists the talents of professional chefs to create recipes that are easy for anyone to prepare. Not only do you get easy-to-follow recipes, but you also get pre-measured ingredients. Because the company just recently relocated to a corner lot venue, its management team decided on commissioning two building signs.

After discussing the products with our client, we designed non-lit signage for each side of the building. We collaborated with the company to ensure that the branding message would be perfectly communicated via the marker while also working with the city to ensure adherence to the strict rules Grand Prairie requires merchants to follow. After designing a sign that met the approval of all parties, we manufactured and installed the product.

The Importance of Customization

Signage that does not uniquely embrace your marketing and branding messages fails to advertise your company as effectively as it could. Moreover, if it does not take into account the location and setting of your building, you may end up with a great sign – but not one that meets your needs.

  • Size. The size of your sign matters. If motorists driving past your venue go at high speeds, the lettering needs to be larger than that of a marker you would feature in a pedestrian-only walking zone. While channel or dimensional letters are ideal for the former, ornate HDU blades or box cabinets can be perfect for the latter.
  • Illumination. We almost always recommend the installation of lit signage. But there are exceptions to this rule. When you do not anticipate foot traffic after dark, or you are only open for business with the public during daytime hours, you usually do not need lighting.
  • Colors. Consumers associate the color of your sign with your business. Choosing your company’s color scheme to feature on your signage makes sense. We recommend underscoring the tones by providing a color contrast that makes the hues stand out. Hello Fresh offset its lime green sign from a cream-colored façade with ease.

Understanding Local Rules

On the other side of the equation is the set of standards local zoning regulators put together. To preserve the good looks and cohesive displays of a commercial neighborhood, officials may limit the size, color selection, and makeup of the sign that you envision. Although it is possible to obtain variances, it is usually a better idea to customize your sign so that it fits into the area but still stands out from nearby competitors.

Since we handle all the permitting paperwork for you, we already know what types of signage products are likely to be allowed. We hope that our behind-the-scenes peek at the creation of the building sign for Hello Fresh in Grand Prairie, TX, has inspired you to take a closer look at your current signage needs. Whether you require building signs, other exterior signage solution, or products for the interior, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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