Located at 624 East Southlake Boulevard, Orangetheory Fitness offers an innovative approach to kick-starting your metabolic burn. The company’s 60-minute workout sessions are quickly gaining a loyal following. Not surprisingly, more and more franchises of Orangetheory Fitness are opening up. One such facility recently came to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our sign specialists were introduced through a mutual friend, who knew that we could do amazing work with custom channel letters in Southlake, TX.

Franchise Signs Introduce the Brand

After meeting with representatives from the fitness center, we collaborated with the business to create their exterior lighted building sign. Our graphic artists adhered to all the brand specifications set forth by the office. Putting together a perfectly sized channel letter product for mounting above the entryway, we finished the manufacture and installation in time for the grand opening celebration. The combination of colors and the inclusion of LEDs make this an ideal signage solution for the facility.

Which Channel Letter Installation Technique is Right for You?

Three distinct installation techniques make it possible to mount these products to virtually any façade. Also, depending on your selection, you have the opportunity to affect the way your signage presents your brand to the consumer.

  1. Flush mount. When our technicians install each letter directly to your façade, we call it a flush mount. We drill between three and five holes per letter and hook up the electricity for lit signage behind the wall. Doing so presents your façade with a sleek look.
  2. Raceway. If the makeup of your façade does not support the flush mount technique, we propose the use of a raceway. This technology allows us to place the electrical components inside a slender box to which we attach the lettering. Next, we install the box with about four to eight screws.
  3. Board. When your façade features a color that does not work well as a contrast or complement for your corporate tones, we suggest the use of a board installation. We offset the mismatch by finding a color that works well with both tones. Next, create a board and paint it in this hue. Now, we fit your letters to the board, which we then mount to the façade.

Lit or Unlit Signage?

When we discuss the installation of channel letter signs in Southlake, TX, with clients, we usually recommend the use of illuminated signage. For starters, bright signage is easier to see after dark and during inclement weather. But even if the weather is not a concern, remember that being located in a strip mall or shopping center puts you close to your competition. Standing out is a must. If neighboring storefronts use lit signage and your marker is the only one that does not light up after dark, you miss an opportunity to be noticed.

Speaking of illumination, did you know that there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right type of light exposure? If the notion of picking out channel letter signage seems to be getting more complicated by the minute, do not worry! Our seasoned experts gladly sit down with you and show you hands-on examples of what the options are and how they can affect the look of a customized channel letter display. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

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