framed-print-kendall-financialOne sign of a successful, growing company is that their mission-vision-values are on display. As a company grows, communicating the “why” of the company becomes increasingly important. Your clients and your employees care about what products and services your provide but also why your company does what it does, every day, day after day. ¬†Developing your company’s mission-vision-values and finding ways to communicate it is important for many reasons:

  • It provides a common understanding for the basis of all the decisions made within the company
  • It unifies various departments, with various job duties, under one overarching goal
  • It engenders a sense of pride and purpose in employees who know and understand the company’s purpose for being
  • It helps prospective clients and existing clients connect with your company on a deeper level
  • It communicates to your clients one more vital reason why they should start (or continue) to do business with you instead of a competitor
  • It helps employees articulate to clients what sets your company apart from other competing companies

The process of developing your mission-vision-values is a very important part of them. As you go through the process of developing your mission-vision-values, clarity around who you are as a company will emerge. The “why” you exist will become clearer. And a deeper understanding of what you stand for is gained in the process. During the process of drafting and refining your mission-vision-values you will have lots of ideas – lots of ways you could say the same or similar thing. However, in the process; you will hone in on the key things that express most clearly and vibrantly who your comany is and what you stand for. And perhaps just as important as discovering what you DO stand for is discovering what is NOT part of your mission-vision-values. The development process will help you uncover both what you ARE and what you ARE NOT and both are valuable pieces of information.

Now, communication theory tells us that we have to tell others what we want them to know at least 8 times before our message is really heard and understood. So now that you have your mission-vision-values, share it! Put it in your email signature, put it in your brochures, on your website, in your sales presentations, and in your employee handbook. And consider the value of putting on the walls of your office, in various locations – lobby, break rooms, training rooms, common areas, hallways, etc.

Above is an example of one we did for client of ours, Kendall Financial. We did it as a framed print for the lobby area. It will be seen by both employees and clients. It is an easy and inexpensive way to share your mission-vision-values. There are many ways to express your mission-vision-values in a larger than life way in your office or work areas.

Let us help you express yourself! Call us today at 972-915-6970 or email us at [email protected] and we will consult with you and recommend the most impactful ways to communicate your mission-vision-values.