New Menu Board for Iconic Store

Kokopelli Candy recently renovated their West End location in Dallas. Part of that renovation was a new menu board from High Value Signs. Kokopelli Candy opened its doors in the historic West End in Dallas in 1992. Owned by Adonis Nieves, a chocolatier from Plano TX, this small candy store at 1701 N. Market St. has been at the center of the continuously evolving community of West End.

Josh has worked behind the counter serving customers almost since the store started. He remembers that in the early days most of the stores clients were tourists, business people, and even some famous people. Now, as more people move into the area and more residential housing springs up nearby, his clients are evolving to be more of the locals who live and work in the area. He now has every day customers who stop in regularly. The store is, more than ever, a local destination for families. In fact, adults now come in who tell Josh that they remember that he helped them pick out their candy selections when they were children. They are bringing their own children in to enjoy and relive the “kid in a candy store” experience. Whilst I normally opt for bulk candy options nowadays, I can never stay away from this store for too long!

His clients also are convention goers. He recalls that many convention goers come in every time their convention is in town. One of his customers tells him that he builds it into his itinerary to come by and get some candy, chocolates, or maybe some ice cream.

History Revitalized

Originally established as a trading post in the late 1800s, the district gained national attention in the 1960s when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. In the mid-1970s, a revitalization effort converted many of the old manufacturing facilities and warehouses into shops and restaurants. By 1978, the West End Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you are looking for a fun spot for an outing with the family, visit Kokopelli Candy. They are open 9am to 8:30pm Monday through Friday and 11am to midnight on Saturday and 11am to 10pm on Sunday. Get a sampling of candy, fresh baked cookies, a scoop (or 3) of ice cream, or a chocolate. Yummy!! See you there!

About the Author

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