Located at 708 Main Street, the Coppell Chamber of Commerce currently has a membership of more than 500 local businesses. They run the gamut of larger corporate entities as well as new small business startups. When the Chamber’s team wanted a lobby sign, its status as a non-profit organization made it difficult to allocate funds for a standard product. After discussing the dilemma with our experts, we suggested a budget-friendly but highly functional wall mural logo sign.

The staff liked the idea and asked us to proceed. We replicated the logo’s website appearance, which includes the tagline. Using blue and red vinyl, we sized the display to fit perfectly on the half wall in the Chamber’s lobby. The combination of the fonts assists with branding and reminds immediately of the group’s online presentation. It contributes to the office’s overall professional appearance and is the ideal alternative to a logo board or dimensional letter display.

Customized Wall Coverings Fulfill a Variety of Functions

Wall Mural Logo Sign

When you talk about wall coverings, most folks envision wallpaper. Why? Combine customized vinyl with an artistic presentation, and you open the door to numerous uses.

  • Murals. The whole-wall mural serves as a conversation starter, ambiance creator, and overall beautification tool. Office and restaurant managers know that setting the stage for a positive consumer interaction with the brand is easiest with a wall covering. There is no need for specialized paint jobs and dust-catching knickknacks, simple mural wallpaper will do.
  • Graphics. A partial wall covering is an outstanding vehicle for communicating your business’ motto, tagline, vision, and expansion plans. Choose an intricate visual representation or opt for a collage of photos and accompanying brief wording. By the way, you do not have to go for a traditional square look. Go for something in a different geometric shape or pick a cutout of your logo or a niche-specific form. Frame a graphic for a chic piece of individualized corporate wall art.
  • Lobby sign. The traditional reception area marker is not a good solution for everyone. In fact, plenty of business owners like the idea of presenting an oversized display that nevertheless does not intrude on the room’s overall proportions by having a three-dimensional appearance. Flat vinyl is the perfect solution. And, of course, it is a superior answer for the budget-conscious client.

How to Put Together the Ideal Wall Mural Logo Sign

Contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to incorporate graphics that you already have on file. When you opt for a combination of stock images, lettering, and your logo, our experts help you to balance the presentation of the wall space you allocate. At that time, we discuss not just the size, but also the color palette. If you are replacing a lobby sign that you already have in the office, we gladly assist with dismantling the product and removing it from the wall.

By the way, if you are outfitting a business for the first time with a lobby marker, and you are unsure how to best position the product for a maximum impact, simply ask our experts for help. We gladly visit your location to offer you suggestions for the ideal placement and design of the item. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Wall Mural Logo Sign