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Located at 1349 Precinct Line Road, the store location of Rejuv Juice has opened! Customers love the company because of its healthy, seasonal smoothies, refreshing fruit juices, and organic cleanses. Before its grand opening celebration, the company’s management team contacted our sign specialists to discuss the order of a building sign.

Is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy - Cheapest 100mg viagra

After meeting with the client, we designed the building marker to feature the bright pink accent color that is an attention-grabbing aspect of the company’s online brand display. The color edges the channel letters that we designed flush to the storefront’s wall. It also outlines the box cabinet, which makes up the logo presentation. The fronts of the letters are white. After dark, this signage display will combine classic wayfinding functions with a tasteful brand presentation that catches the eye and attention of consumers.

Behind the Scenes

Of course, there is a lot more to the production of a channel letter sign than meets the eye.

  • Site survey. Did you know that we routinely visit the buildings of proposed installation sites to inspect the facades? The goal is to ensure that we can mount the letters to the wall if the client requests it. Sometimes, we are not able to do so simply because it would be impossible to reach the backs of the letters. Then, we discuss an alternative channel lettering installation technique with our customer.
  • Traffic assessment. Our technicians gauge the speed with which motorists drive past your venue. Doing so allows us to give you a scientifically based suggestion concerning letter heights. As a general rule of thumb, the faster cars drive past your storefront, the taller the letters need to be.
  • Neighborhood survey. This survey is also the time when we investigate the signage chosen by other merchants in your neighborhood. If there is a neighborhood association, which is frequently the case in historical parts of town or those areas undergoing targeted revitalization, we get signage specifications from their representatives. If there are size and material use limitations, we discuss them with you before we proceed with your order.
  • Permitting process. Perhaps the most involved behind-the-scenes activity is the permitting process. It requires us to file for a permit with local officials to get approval for the proposed sign. Since we are familiar with the procedure, we usually know ahead of time which products will pass muster and which ones may require an application for a variance.

Once we have completed these tasks, we can move on to the actual manufacture of the product.

Buying Your Channel Letter Sign

Take a page from the playbook of Rejuv Juice and consider a channel letter building sign for your business. We highly recommend this type of product because of the broad range of illumination and design options it brings to your façade. Contact us today to get started on the design of your channel letter signs in Hurst, TX. We can work with colors and graphics you already have on file or create something entirely new from the ground up.

Request a Free quote on Channel Letters in Hurst TX

Is it safe to buy viagra online canadian pharmacy - Cheapest 100mg viagra


8409 Sterling St., Suite B
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 972-915-6970
Fax: 972-915-2867

Google Map