Double H Realty Services, LLC manages the professional building at 704 Central Parkway East. Located in Suite 1218 of this building, LanSource Inc. is a Microsoft Gold partner that handles offsite backup solutions, cloud management, and disaster recovery – among other on-demand services options. When this business needed a lobby sign, the management company referred the professionals to us.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Plano, TX

After consulting with our client, we sketched out a sign proof that took its cues from the business’ online presentation. Opting for a budget-friendly and sturdy material, the customer approved the design. We manufactured and installed the finished product using stud mounts. The green and blue design elements of the reception area signage look sleek and professional; they perfectly brand the company.

Signs that Look Like a Mint without Costing It

It is a common misconception that you have to spend a lot of money to have a sign that looks fantastic. While it is true that the sky is the limit when commissioning signage, much as it is for any other product, modern manufacturing techniques enable skilled full-service sign shop operators to prepare products that are on par with the markers ordered by multi-national corporations – but without the price tag.

  • Sign foam. In addition to its dramatic presentation capabilities, sign foam is a lightweight material that we recommend to clients whenever a wall’s makeup calls for the least possible strain on the material. Also, the foam is inexpensive, which makes it ideal for budget conscious managers.
  • Laminates. When you like the idea of a metal sign but not the cost associated with the material, we recommend the installation of a thin surface laminate on a less expensive substrate. For example, we can fashion your sign out of foam or acrylic; when finished, we add the metal laminate and paint the sides to match.
  • Artistry. Another way to cut costs is the reliance on artistic skill. For example, our graphic design specialists can create vinyl wall graphics that look nothing short of breathtaking. By incorporating your company’s name and logo, these artistic creations take up the space reserved for a lobby sign but at a fraction of the cost that you would ordinarily spend on this signage solution.

Adding Secondary Signage Products

Remember that the lobby sign is the starting point for your office’s markers. Directional products, signscomplying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), suite markers, and similar products should take their design cues from the tone the foyer signage sets. Once again, there are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives to the typical metal or acrylic signage solutions that the “big guys” order.

If we have inspired you to investigate less expensive corporate office lobby signs in Plano, TX, we urge you to contact our graphic artists. They understand not just the signage solutions you need, but also the best practices to save you money while making you look like a million bucks. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation

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