Effective Signage Increases Traffic and Sales

Real estate developers, property managers, commercial leasing agents and business owners/tenants all benefit from sufficient and effective signage. Signage is an important part of business identity, onsite client experience, brand awareness, and lead generation. Giving careful thought to and leveraging the expertise of your signage partners throughout the lifecycle of a commercial property is important to building and sustaining value over time.

Business owners/tenants benefit from effective signage through increased visibility, traffic, and sales. Just as someone can see a boost to their business if they invest in a good website and strong SEO research (learn more about that here), having good signage out in the world can boost sales and revenue. Wendee, who owns Amazing Weight Loss in Flower Mound TX, tells her story here. Her store is on a busy street in a well populated and well-to-do area. Her services are on point with the overall trend and focus in America on wellness and preventative care. By increasing the effectiveness of her signage, she increased traffic into her store and her sales.

Property Managers Benefit From Effective Signage

Property managers and commercial leasing agents benefit from effective signage. Because prospective tenants who are smart consider what signage is available to them. They evaluate this as part of their overall decision about where to lease. Properties that offer sufficient and effective signage are more competitive. Property managers also benefit from signage. Once tenants are in, having good signage maximizes the value the tenant/business owners receive with their lease and it minimizes discussions or disputes over signage and the distraction and drain that signage discussions and disputes put on property management staff.

Real estate developers benefit from effective signage because the property is perceived by property managers and commercial leasing agents as being easier to lease and manage. Sufficient and well placed signage can be a key point during leasing discussions with prospective tenats. Being thoughtful about signage during the planning and design of commercial properties – whether they are new builds or renovations – can increase the desirability and therefore, the value of the property. If the commercial property is placed on the market, proper signage could help to make the property more attractive to potential buyers looking to open their own business. At this stage, many potential buyers have already gone through a commercial mortgage broker and are often determined to find the right property to buy for the right price. This is because commercial property buyers are looking to start their businesses right away. They have already used a commercial mortgage calculator to determine how much they are willing to pay for a new commercial property. Signage with the correct information can make a sale seem more attractive to a potential buyer.

Your Partner for Effective Signs – High Value Signs

At High Value Signs, we partner with developers, property managers, commercial leasing agents, and business owners to continuously evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their signage.