J. Small Investments specializes in real estate brokerage, investment, and management services. Focusing on the properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, these experts combine exhaustive research with highly visible marketing techniques. When the company’s management team needed to catch the attention of prospective retailers interested in a property along a busy street, its representative contacted our specialists to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of a V-shaped “For Lease” sign.

Post and Panel Signs Communicate Property Information and Brand the Firm

The quintessential sign to use in these situations is the post and panel setup. It is large, allows for plenty of display space, and communicates effectively to prospective tenants who have come to expect property information via this type of marker. After consulting with our client, we designed a sign that hits all the right notes.

  • Brands the business. The red backdrops for the panels remind of the investment firm’s website color use. On the left side, we feature the business’ name and logo as well as an artist’s property rendering.
  • Informs. The client wanted to put a lot of information that pertains to the commercial property onto the signs. We presented the use detail, size, and subsequent availability of the property parcel.
  • Offers contact details. To ensure that interested parties will be able to make contact, we added the business’ phone number and website address. The latter also permits interested parties to interact with the firm’s brand online.

We created a V-shaped product because the client wanted to ensure that motorists driving past the property from either direction would see the information about the commercial venue. Five wooden posts hold the two display panels in place. After installing the product in the grassy strip along the parking lot, the information is impossible to miss.

Other Uses for Post and Panel Sign Products

V-Shaped “For Lease” Sign

Advertising “For Lease” or “For Rent” notations with post and panel signs is popular. Management companies favor this approach because it creates highly visible displays along busy traffic corridors. That said, there are ways to adjust the look of the signage solution for other uses, too.

  • Monument signs. Replace the necessary wood posts with more ornate vinyl or aluminum pieces, and add a custom shaped alumalite panel between them for a great look. Imprinted with your company’s information, it instantly becomes a monument sign that signals drivers they have found the entrance to your parking lot.
  • Wayfinding markers. Once in the parking lot, versions that are more utilitarian function as wayfinding markers. If you routinely host events on your property, consider the use of a panel that consists of removable blades. Doing so gives you the advantage of being able to customize a message for various events.
  • Informational products. You think of the typical post and panel sign as a vertical product, but did you know that we can tip the board so that it rests more horizontally? After imprinting it with information, it is an excellent presentation piece for use in museums and arboretums where visitors learn about various flora or fauna without having signage obstruct the view.

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about V-shaped “For Lease” signs or a post and panel setup for any other need.

V-Shaped “For Lease” Sign