Just recently, we put together a non-lit channel letter sign for Gordon Highlander property management professionals. Their client, JFC International, had recently leased a large-size industrial warehouse space in Coppell, TX. We installed the channel letter sign and ensured full compliance with local ordinances and zoning rules. When Gordon Highlander called us again, it was to report that JFC International also needed bay door numbers. If you own a business that makes use of bay doors but are experiencing malfunctions or maintenance problems with them, you might want to consider enlisting the services of businesses specializing in roll up door repair in Sacramento, or wherever you are. Since we specialize in warehouse sign manufacturing as well as other sign type designs, we gladly accepted the project.

Because the property management professionals oversee several buildings in the area, they wanted us to adjust the numbers’ looks to mimic those that other tenants use. Doing so is a standard practice and results in visual aesthetics that allow for the continuity of a design or building’s appearance. Our experts started the project by doing a thorough site survey to get a good idea of what materials to use, the colors that other tenants had selected, and the sizing that would be ideal for the setting.

We designed and manufactured bay door numbers by using an aluminum composite sign face that we clad with vinyl numbers. These materials are durable. They bring a contemporary look to the setting. At the same time, the appearance is functional and makes wayfinding for delivery truck drivers a snap. We installed the numbers – centered – above the bay doors. Once again, we relied on the measurements we took at the other tenants’ locations to get the spacing exactly right.

Putting Together Signage Solutions for Warehouses and Freight CompaniesWarehouse Sign Manufacturing

  • Standard versus customized sizes. When manufacturing warehouse signage, there are plenty of standard sizes to work with. But when you have custom-designed your facility with specialized uses in mind, these products may not work for you. We gladly design something from scratch that will be ideal for the setup you have chosen at the venue.
  • Safety enhancements. Flat numbers signal to drivers where their docking station is. However, if you accept deliveries in the pre-dawn hours, lighting can be a problem. Some of our clients have had excellent success with reflective materials that make it easy for incoming drivers to see the messages and numbers designed to guide them to the right places.
  • Safety signage. There are plenty of mandated caution signs and warning messages that you may need to add still. We can create wall plaques, floor stickers, fence signs, and the types of markers that pertain specifically to your industry.
  • Inventory assistance. Barcodes are quickly becoming an integral part of the warehouse signage experience. If you need them for inventory or dock management tasks, we can customize a signage solution that fits your requirements.

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Whether you need our warehouse sign manufacturing services to create a cohesive look between several properties, or you want something that is unique to your business, we can help. Contact our graphic artists to discuss your project and detail any specs you already have. We assist you with the material and color selections. Call us today to get started on your project!

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